New Site

After a long time with the old site a change was in it's place and do to some errors on the old site I decided to go with a new site insted


This site have been updated and with a new design

sow after a long time without any addons to the site and any updates do to lack of time and education reasons there will be new things added to the site in the neare future

but I have added some other things to the site do to my education as IT-Supporter I would like to provide a form of service to thoes studens who don't know where there are good websites to be found where they can buy different types of software at a student freindly price and the main reason for it is because throughout my education I was searching high and low after some good deals and I have collected most of the sites I have used in the education related link part on the link site to help other studens find a good price on software that they might need or want